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We believe holidays are for everyone, and we have packages that are hassle and worry-free, as well as top-notch
services and one-on-one tailored offers. Passion is our answer to your travel confusion.

Each travel product is carefully and passionately planned. Everyone is entitled to a well-thought-out holiday that is
tailored to their comfort, wish list, and brand-new experiences and discoveries.
We excel to surpass expectations by providing outstanding customer service and fostering enduring customer

Our Story

A Little About Us

Ghaith Travel and Tourism, founded in 1979, specializes in offering exceptional travel  experiences to the most exotic and intriguing hidden gems of the world. We offer fascinating 
stays and a wide variety of unique destinations.
encouraging individuals to reach out and discover, encounter, and appreciate faraway locations 
and assisting in making travelers' aspirations come true in unforgettable methods.



We Provide Solutions

Our goal is to manage business travel and fulfill vacation goals by providing individualized, top-notch service.

We think that loyal, lasting partnerships will be the outcome of consistently delivering ethically sound performance to
our community, vendors, employees, and customers.

We think that in addition to exceeding industry standards, our service should also offer the best price to the client.
For Ghaith Travel, innovation in terms of technology, services, and travel concepts is a core value. Keeping up with all
technical concerns and opportunities is a daily challenge for us.